The Essence of Love


Sometimes we sit down and think about things we have done in the past and things we are actively doing, in all we take stock of what may have worked and what may have not worked.

This is more natural in humanity, we get rid of the things we think may hinder us to progress in life and relationships we have, however some of us end up keeping dead wood and continue with it to new relationships.

The essence of love is knowing how to let go of dead wood meaning habits and people that you don’t need in your life and relationships, they may be very nice habits and people but as nice as they are they are not productive, at times in our relationships we tend to see a pattern of things repeat themselves it is then that we aught to examine ourselves and put things in perspective, learn to love yourself first, trust yourself most of us have relationships that we prematurely trust others to do things for us and we get hurt in the process

This is just the essence of Love

You and I were born to love

We were created to Love

Let us live that purpose of love

Yours in Love



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