System of Love


We have often felt pain, felt cared for, felt neglected, felt comfortable and in all these feelings we choose at times to call whatever we are feeling all in the name of love.

When someone is neglected they say I feel love emptiness, whenever we are treated in a way that doesn’t justify our emotional way of thinking then we are heartbroken, may I say whatever we feel and we blame it on love, I believe that love will have nothing to do with how you feel and how you have been treated.

The system of Love is based solely on kindness, forgiveness, unselfishness, patience if at all your pain or joy you experience is it in relation to love? This maybe a question we as humanity have to ask ourselves before we blame our injustices among each other towards love.

If our relationships were solely based on Love none of us would be in pain of heartbreak and depression as well as any symptoms that come with the failure of a relationship.

Lets love for loves sake

Lets create our lives in Love

Yours in Love



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