Prescription of Love


We tend to be a people that don’t understand how to navigate our lives when we have a need not met, we become more of a people we don’t recognise.

A lot of us as a people have not recognised the power of relating, we want to be in relationships yet we don’t want to participate in the relating process, a relationship is built on relating with another, this means that one listen and the other talks, again the other listens and the same way the other listens. Our relationships today have no relation because there is nothing to relate to, we just use the field for gain and spontaneous companionship.

The Prescription of Love is knowing how to engage in a relationship with its rules and attributes, the attributes of a relationship are love which is said to be patient, you speak I wait for you to finish then I put my point across while you listen, that’s patience for both of us, love is said to give, it is said to forgive, it is said to be unselfish and it is said to be kind

Now that is definitely the Prescription of Love it’s attributes and link to our relationships.

Lets all love

Lets all be the best people that we can be

After all it’s in love

Yours in Love



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