Speedy Love


Our generation today has become the now generation, we want things now, we want them done now, we don’t understand that at times it don’t work in our favour, we are a microwave generation and that is not at all pleasant in our relationships.

We have become a generation of impatient people, in as much as technology enhances us to be able to do certain things, there is no technology that can activate Love, we are born to love, we are born with love, everything we do relationship wise is governed by the principles of Love.

Most of us have rushed into relationships with the intention to heal from the last relationship, we make heisty descisions, we hurt and hurt in the process, remember love is for forgivenesses and revenge is not in love thus we get hurt when we try to move on prematurely. Leave the past behind, deal with your issues of your past relationship, forgive yourself first for your part in the past relationship, heal first then move on.

Always remember Love is indeed on speed dial, however have you crossed all the boxes that will allow you to move on?

Love is for us all

Lets make it work

Let’s Make it wonderful

Yours in Love



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