Deed of Success


There are so many of us that have dreams, we dream big yet we get out of bed the same people that went to bed last night, one wise man said there are three types of people in our lives, those that make things happen, those that ask what happened, those that wonder what happened.

In all successful people they all have one story to tell, they all had a dream of becoming who they are, which means they also went to bed and had a dream about what they wanted to be, it all starts with a dream, most of us have had many wonderful dreams but they still are the same people who have slept the same sleep that a successful person had, the difference is that one pursued their dream and one did not.

The deed of success is the structure of understanding your dream and pursuing it, you are the only difference between your dream and its reality, don’t have a deed to your success and sell it back to sleep.

Its time to secure your success with acquiring its deed pursue your dreams no matter what obstacles you face

I secure my dream of becoming the most influential person in this world, I believe you reading this have success written all over your spirit right now

Let success be and let’s have our deeds in our hands we all can

Yours in Success



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