The Limitations of Love


In every relationship there is always one thing that seem not in place, no matter what relationships are, either family or those we are romantically connected to, there is always something that is out of place.

Im not an advocate of imperfection but in as much as we would like to be as squid perfect could I just say there is nothing such as perfection in a relationship, it doesn’t matter which one you are in, there is always that imperfection hanging above one or two in a relationship.

Most of us today will talk about their relationships and say all the wonderful things that are there to say yet forgetting that none of us are perfect, we all are work in progress, the limitations of love are that when we love we become too emotionally invested and forget to live by what we have invested our emotions on the relationship. We build our relationships in the name of love, which we tend to ditch and focus more on emotions.

Emotions deceive each and every one of us into believing that the person you love can be changed by the atterance of the word you love them, trying to model them to what you believe is the right model of them to you, because you love them, may I just say to you all relationships are to be built in the life of love which has principles that don’t play along with emotions, love has its government which is forgiveness, kindness, giving, selflessness. Once we learn to live within the government of love we will indeed stop limiting love through our emotions, we will invest in love more so that it will produce more in our emotions.

Now that we are aware of our limitations of love I believe you and I can deal with them by applying its laws and invest more  in love so we can enjoy the best in our relationships.

Living in love and learning day by day to love you dearly

Yours in Love




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