Simple Love


There is a lot of effort that each and every one of us put in trying to prove that we care or we can be the best people that we ought to be in our relationships.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be difficult to love in our relationships because if we know the power and principles of love we will indeed be wise in staying in our relationships, it’s always wonderful to love it’s a great feeling that in most cases after two or three dates it becomes more and more difficult than beautiful as it started.

Simple love is understanding that not all of us are perfect we all are work in progress, a lot of us would in relationships look for that perfect person, the one who is not going to hurt me like my ex, the one who will treat me right unlike my ex, everything we do is all about what happened not what’s happening.

For you and I to enjoy the best in our simple love, we have to let the past remain in the past and we dwell in the present, this is the simple Love

We all can acquire it, let’s all get on with it

Yours in Love



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