The sense of Love


A lot of us are in relationships and we desire to see them work, we work so hard to make time, provide, protect our relationships. I believe that sometimes we become more protective over relationships than protecting the actual reason we are in relationships in the first place.

Our world today have forgotten about the structure and state of being in relationships, the structure being family, romantic relationships, and all kind of relationships we may have. The state being what position is the relationship, the direction that a relationship is taking.

Love is no longer a pinnacle of relationships in today’s world, however there are some that still hold it dear and believe it is a pinnacle of relationships, love is not just a word that makes one feel better it is a lifestyle, live in its principles, love is challenging, it is kind, patient, giving and forgiving, it is not selfish, Most of us fail to relate because we often want people we are in relationships with to behave a certain way that suits us, that is selfishness, that is where all our relationships start to have problems.

May you and I learn not to be selfish and start being selfless that just will help us to gain a bit of sense in love.

Love talkes back to us

Love unifies us

We all need Love and I believe we all can have it

Yours in Love



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