Desired Success


There are times when we sit down in life and start to evaluate our lives, what we may have or not have achieved in life, a retrospective of our lives as per say. In that retrospect we tend to have a great desire to change the state at which our lives are for the better, we all desire to be happy and prosperous always don’t we?

Desired success comes in life when we stop having blinkers on how life is, not to be trapped in what we know and have achieved, achievements are good but let’s not dwell much on them as they are references of our potential. Desired success is the now success, success that keeps you on your toes making you want to do now, tomorrow, the day after and the week after, the month after and the year after.

Desired success is the ability to get out of your comfort zone and be in the contributing and confrontational zone, what you know you know, expand what you know have a desire to grow what you know, this I call desired success

You and I cannot live a life without this desired success, let’s expand what we know and grow in desire to succeed

Yours in Success




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