Reproxicating Love


I sat on a Sunday morning thinking of the best that I can become, the worst I had been, this is what I was thinking of about myself, I started to think of what I may have done wrong/right in my lifetime, I began to walk down memory lane, started to believe that I loved yet I received nun of love at all, all my life I had laboured giving all my love to this ship that I sail in every single day. Sailing with all heaps of emotions, with all waves of broken hearts and promises, a lot of us are at a stage where we are not very sure about our relationships anymore, we want to be the ones that do the worst to others, however we mourn to the last when such is done to us.

We are the worst people when it comes to changing the way Love is meant to be, we are the worst people when it comes to changing how we have to be Loved, we have turned Love to lust, this shows that we are only human and we are prone to making mistakes. Most of us in relationships tend to want the people who are just like us, believe in what we believe in, we want to be the ones to be loved, the ones to be cared for, the ones to be appreciated, the ones to receive, the ones to be respected and the ones to influence where our relationships go.

Reproxicating Love is the natural way of understanding that a relationship is a two way street, it has one who gives in and the other giving out, having one to receive and one to give, having one talk and the other listening. Our relationships can not be the best if we only look into ourselves being the Center of attraction, it’s called a relationship not a lone ship, let us all learn accommodating other people, reproducing what we get ourselves, remember there is no one perfect we are all working progress.

Yours in Love

Edwin Mathe


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