Ability of Success


Success can not be guaranteed as long as there is no discipline, a lot of us in today’s world want to be successful yet we have no discipline in anything we do. We have come to a place in life where all of us try a lot of things to survive, let me be honest with you, if you have a surviving mentality you will ever live to survive than live a life, most of us today live a life of survival, that’s a lake of discipline in some areas of our lives. The ability of success is in the art of discipline, discipline yourself as an individual to do one thing and follow it through, remember not to just follow it through just as a habit, but be excellent and great at it

The ability of success lies in our discipline that’s how you and I can make it to the esteemed desired success that we all need, we all can do it all it takes is just our discipline, what are you waiting for? Success needs your discipline

Edwin Mathe


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