The Honesty of Love


There are simple things in life that matter, most of us in life have forgotten that simple things make a difference in love. May I just say to someone today there are things love can teach each one of us if we only can allow ourselves to obtain the culture of love, which is kindness, forgiveness, giving, patience, unselfishness. Love is just honest the more you dwell too much on how he/she does not do the more dishonest love becomes to you, if you work on simple things like I love you in your state, even if it’s not promising I believe in you, you and I are going to make it, most of our relationships are suffering not because of the lake of love, but lake of no honesty in love.

I pray that from today you and I are going to work together on simple things that matter and employ the honesty of love in the process, be blessed and be a blessing


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