The Shield of Love


It is a day that i have not anticipated, it is a surprise day, i am just not in the right shape of mind as i can not believe what a good thing i have, most of us are just in a state of disbelief, they are not sure weather what is happening to them is reality or a dream. Love has to have all these twist and turns if you are in it, Love does not have to give you a hint as to what is going to happen, Love has to be full of surprises, i mean good surprises, most of us have treated our relationships as death sentence houses. We are afraid to express the way we feel/we are trapped in feelings that are not ours, we feel like we want to be happy but because we have had bad past relationships we feel like we can be taken advantage off. The shield of love is just letting go of the past and let the present protect you in love, love no matter how much you have been hurt, love conquers all and love heals the soul, it protects you as an individual, just love more and be of great self, life is full of all possibilities and you are one great possibility, be blessed and be a blessing


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