The Motion of Love


There is a lot in life that as human beings, we can learn, it is however that humanity has just stopped caring and loving one another, thus we all have not made progress in learning from one another. Love is about trust, love is about giving, love is about learning from each other, the more we learn from each other the more we become knowledgeable of each others needs thus the word care starts to work, for a singular purpose, we are a people that are designed to love, not to hate. The Motion of love is just to know how to love even those that you think you can not love, love even those that may have not given you a single hint that they may one day love you. A lot of us today have crushed hopes in relationships because we have closed the doors of learning from other people, we have become our own people, may i just say that in life no man/woman is an island, therefore the motion of love is based on learning from one to another. We can only archive greatness when we learn how to love and love without conditions that is where our relationships will have direction and that is where we can as humanity understand the motion of love and move towards the best direction possible, just love and just make life the best that you can live, be blessed and be a blessing


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