Undefined Love


So many times life looks like its getting better, have you noticed that the more your life gets a bit of progress, love seem to drift a bit away from people. This I mean most of us today when we are looking for better opportunities in life we need more love, more support, it is however that when we think that we have those opportunities then those that we needed in the journey become invalid. There are a lot of us today who are going through this phase, were you laboured with the one you love and when they think that they have what both of you believed in then, love flies out of the door. Let me help someone today, love is kind and love is patient, this means love gives space to those that think they have made it, yes relationships may suffer in the long run, but I assure you if you stay in love then there is a great turnaround coming your way, love at the highest when challenges show up, be strong for yourself first and secondly for a relationship that you have. Christ was an example, when man he came to save thought he/she was far better than him, Christ lowered himself to an ordinary man out of Love, so at whatever cost love like you never loved before when you are challenged, life is full of possibilities, never miss to be one great possibility, be blessed and be the best ever blessing you can be


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