Simplicity of Love


As many times as I see her, she becomes bitter and bitter everyday, no one can tell her she has changed, no one can cuddle her and tell her everything is going to be ok, she feels betrayed and she seems to be hiding behind what she thinks may progress her life as much as she tries to put on a brave face her tone of voice tells a bitter story. What happened to this sweet loving and caring lady? She has been abused but still thinks everyone that loves her is in it to abuse her. This is a situation that most of us today face, we have been to good many times as good as we become the more abuse we get, let me open a sweetest door for you today, love is simple, no matter what wrong you have gone through despite who wronged you, the best thing to do is love, love conquires all fears love gives freedom, this is just the simplicity of love, you and I can enjoy the best life can give if we dwel in love, life is full of limitless possibilities and you are one of the possibility, be blessed and be the best ever blessing you can ever be


One thought on “Simplicity of Love

  1. ashleyjbarrett17

    Very sad and true. I was with someone who didn’t know how to love because of the past. Take a look at my blog if you get time. Thanks

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