Unselfish Love


There are mistakes we make as humanity, a lot of times we often think that our wheel is what makes people like us. May i just point out that love is not selfish, i think that most of us are not in good relationships and we hope from one relationship to the next because we are selfish, we often want to be heard and we often think that our choices are the best and no one can tell us what we can have/not have. We often want the best but at the end of it all we end up with the worst, Selfishness is not a part of Love, selfishness is part of hate, as i understand, love is a giver and it accepts defeat, love is patient and kind, i am excited to be in love and i have learnt to give more of my hearing than my talk, i do understand that God listened to me and gave me all that i can have only if i stop being self-centred life is full of possibilities just explore them, love enjoy and give more of love, be blessed and be a blessing


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