Cooking Love


My life is exposed to so much love, as I also give much of it, God she makes me smile, we may be just in a friction gear at the moment, yes it happens life is full of those, what I know is that she is the best ever woman that has ever graced the shores of my heart. Most of us today do not have kind words to each other either in a relationship, family or just friendship, we tend to have those bitter words about the ones we love/claim to love when we just have a little friction moment, when things are turning upside down, you are at the point of nearly bursting, let me tell you something, men/woman just say this word, darling no matter how hot the kitchen is, i loved the smell and i am going to get out of this kitchen with both the stew and the cook, i so damn love you especially when it seems like we are hitting the wall, baby im in this kitchen because of the cook. I love you simply is a word but if it is followed by action it becomes a lifestyle, just love one another just as Christ loved the church, be blessed and be a blessing


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