The speech of Peace


This is just what we can only see, this is our reaction when we have experienced, whose experience is more important? his/hers in that conflicted zone?
Day after day our direction is lost, lost in policies that defy justice for humanity, politics has ticked every aspect of life
Religion has become an army of martyrs, martyrs of one men, who everyone becomes so afraid of
My question is where is the compass of peace towards politics, to which direction is it pointing?
My question lies with men of religion, is the compass of peace pointing to the love that we preach in synagogues and temples, as well as Mosques
Who deserves the right to freedom, Humanity in religion/humanity in politics?
Peace is nothing within policy as peace policies itself, peace is nothing in religion as region is no space of peace
We are humans craving for the direction, this direction of peace can only be pointed to by unity in policy and religion
This is a speech of peace, yet to be said, this is a speech of peace with no direction to anyone of similar position but pointed to humanity
Peace for humanity peace for the world
Peace is what we pray for, it is a policy that we crave to put in place
It does not need to cost a life, it has to preserve a life

Edwin Mathe a better world speech 2015


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