The nature of Success


The circle of life becomes a statement of doing what we often do best, sometimes a single thing repeatedly done day after day, some say practice makes perfect, or I can say perfect makes practice or both. So many times we have tried things that we may think can make us successful in life, businesses, jobs, houses, cars, and maybe fancy staff, like good restaurant meals, you may say that is complete success, I would agree with you for a bit. May I just say what about the one that has an idea but can not make it to a fancy restaurant, they have an idea but have no car, they have an idea but are living in shakes, the nature of success is disciplining one’self to what can bring into life the best out of an individual. Your ideas backed with excellency, dedication, calculation. and timing, most of us are not yet where we want to be because we loose our sense of timing. The nature of success is about knowing time, true success is the essence of time, are you ready to be in the nature of success, I am natured in this and I am nurturing myself into success are you?


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