The Foresight of Love


There is the one that I love, no matter what can be said about her, I am not moved, the power that I have on loving her is based on how much I believe in love as a unifying bond to all my faults that I have in my relationship. I do believe in that everyone has faults, such that I say that there is no one that is perfect, we are all working progress. Most of us have been blinkered by infatuation and think that it is love, Love is based on not reacting angrily when one is spoken about in a bad way, when you know them there is no reason to defend them, you just have to laugh about it and move on as you are very sure that what is said about them is absolutely not true. Our relationships suffer because we do not see love in other people that may say what we may not agree with, love sees through everything that may be aimed at destroying you to making it more productive and deploy you to greater places, it is just the foresight of love and I believe you and I can make the most of it, be blessed and be a blessing


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