Circle of Love


What you are is what your mind is capable of thinking, where you are is defined by those that you have walked with, if at some point those that you have travelled with have archived great things and its evident, then you are destined for success, if at any point you feel you can not make it, do not be afraid you are not alone, just find me, i am your friend i know how it is where you are. I have been there too, remember no one is perfect, but we are all working progress, i am your friend and my strides towards life are to see you prosper even though you have hurt me i have passed through hate i am in love, Most of us today find it more difficult in life because we are very good at judging others and those that we are in a relationship with, we find more faults in them than looking at how much love they give, Love is a circle it goes round and round so you have to be aware of what you give it may come back to you a square.


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