Unlimited Love


It is such an amazing thing that most people are in love and they do not understand what they are into, one time I sat and evaluated my own life and checked on the opportunities I have lost in life. Like most people i could be counting and comparing how many people i have missed out loving/those that may have loved me, it is however that most of us today in our relationships become discouraged by what we have faced before. May i just say to someone today unlimited love is there in your relationship where you are but it is how you live in it, most of us are still living in the past yet they have present relationships, stop comparing your current relationship to what you had/nearly had. This is just a potion of unlimited love its your choice to have it or not, be blessed and be a blessing

Resistance of Success


Power is identified by how much of time that one spends on practicing what they value, one says that practice makes perfect, may i applaud that in adding that consistent practice makes perfect excellency. Most people today have tried so hard to obtain success in other people, they have put their trust and effort on help from other people to obtain their goals. May i today introduce to you one tablet, this tablet heals all aspects of negativity in your success, this tablet is called resistance. Most of us fail not because we can not do, we fail because we do and are criticized, and critics get to us and we give up. Resistance to criticism is the best form of success, doing the best in conditions that turns the vision of how people perceive you and your ideas gives birth to excellent success. That is just true resistant success

The Improved Love


In a lot of ways, we as people differ and our expectations differ in life, we may all enter relationships with the prospect of giving the best that we have and that we can give. It is however that we tend to be more excited of how caring and loving the person that we are in a relationship with is, a lot of us in relationships get to be in love in a honeymoon period, we are so creative with our relationship for a period of time, then after that there is nothing more to give. May i say to someone that may be running out of their time in the honeymoon period, love has no honeymoon, it is always a honeymoon. Love has to be improved in your relationship, it is either you/the one that you love that can improve the structure of love in your relationship, its either you seek to complement or compete with the one you are in a relationship with. Competition between those in a relationship has always been the subject of unimproved love, in a relationships because of one trying their best to show the other that they are better, hold on, Love is patient, kind, caring, giving and forgiving. May i say in conclusion that improved love can only be if you just understand that we are all working progress and we all deserve to be loved and love, be blessed and be a blessing

Short Quote of Success


There is what people want to hear, there is what people know, what people do not know is the way to achieve things that have not been archived before. The short quote of success is preparing yourself to do what you do well and make it more appealing, there is no greater success than doing what you know, and know very well. What is your drive?

Unseen Love


There are a lot of us who have a lot of problems in relationships and these problems are just simple, i am so amazed as to how some people have a problem of being loved. I have heard this said a lot of times he/she loves me too much, has love got a gauge? i am so surprised that in most cases love may end the relationship, i thought love brought people together. May i just say most of us loose our good relationships because we are in relationships that we say things and do not do, when we receive what we prescribe ourselves to, we are so shocked that we do not think through what we say about what we receive in our relationships. The power of love is about loving and loving and being loved back, however most of us get in relationships so excited and when the reality of what we asked for kicks in, we can not handle. Most of us envy rough relationships when they are in good relationships, we do not see love right in front of us, this is just unseen love and it needs your discovery, be blessed and be a blessing.

The Mentor of Success


Most of us in life are still looking for that famous person to give us a breakthrough in life, we crave so hard to meet that one person to which we have hang our hopes and dreams on. May i say that it is not a bad thing for you to admire one person and their success, as i believe in everyone that has made it there is a story behind their success. The desire of success is greater when one finds him/herself as the mentor of what they possess, you can not wish for an opportunity when what you want an opportunity for is not evident. Let what you want an opportunity for be evident and let it be striving for growth, there is no description of a fruit in a seed, until the seed goes on the ground and it begins to germinate that is when we know it is a mango/apple tree, that is when we have to find the right nutrients for the fruit. Most of us are still dreaming big and they have not written their dream down, they have not yet structured the way their dream need to be, you are the only mentor to your success, if you think that there is any other guru in life to mentor you to your destiny, i am sorry to say they will mentor what you have brought forward, without evidence they will mentor everyone else who has tangible staff to mentor. So this is just the mentor of success remember you are the only one that can mentor yourself to a successful place, the rest of those that come, come because you are half way through

The Patience of Love


There are times in our lives when we want the best quickly, we want our lives to be there at the top as quick as we can, we count the years to which we have had nothing and when we have little we are wishing for more. May i just say that patience in life is the best ever weapon to overcome anxiety, a lot of us have relationships that we want to have cars and houses in months, oh let me say because she/he has made it by himself/herself means that you are part of the equation of those that have made it. Simply to say that most of us today make a mistake of trying so hard to be tolerated by the ones we aim to love than working to hard in improving love itself. Love is patient and it does not choose who it falls to, love is kind and i do not see why one person will enter in a relationship to get instead of giving, well this is just the patience of love, be blessed and be a blessing