Practical Love


A lot of us think of great ways of loving those we are in a relationship with, we often try a lot of things to make us recognized and feel like we are the best lovers in the whole universe, let me say that love is great when it is shown with no agenda. Most of us today are in relationships with an agenda, it is either to get or to gain something out of that relationship, the practicality of love is based on the true sense of the word love, love gives, it does not take, love gives, it does not demand. If at all we can love in a manner that gives more and receive less then we can see our relationships flowing and glowing day after day. This is just the practicality of love, just give and give more, just love no matter if you are not receiving love back, at some time you are going to receive it without noticing you are receiving, be blessed and be a blessing


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