Predictable love


Most people today want things that are complicated, the simpler the thing is the more it is labelled as boring and not exciting, love is the most predictable thing anyone can ever find in life. A lot of us struggle in relationships because we compare our relationships with the one our friends are having, may i just say that if one likes candy, it does not mean that everyone around them has to love candy. This i mean that if one person is enjoying their relationship it is because they are into it and the reason why you have had a chance to see that they are enjoying their relationship is because you have stopped activities in your own relationship. Predictable love is just enjoying the best you have in a relationship and then you can enjoy making it grow, stop comparing and complaining about how your relationship isn’t looking like hers/his, because we all can not have same relationships, just see the simplicity of love, it is just predictable why cant you predict it? be blessed and be a blessing


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