The Improved Love


In a lot of ways, we as people differ and our expectations differ in life, we may all enter relationships with the prospect of giving the best that we have and that we can give. It is however that we tend to be more excited of how caring and loving the person that we are in a relationship with is, a lot of us in relationships get to be in love in a honeymoon period, we are so creative with our relationship for a period of time, then after that there is nothing more to give. May i say to someone that may be running out of their time in the honeymoon period, love has no honeymoon, it is always a honeymoon. Love has to be improved in your relationship, it is either you/the one that you love that can improve the structure of love in your relationship, its either you seek to complement or compete with the one you are in a relationship with. Competition between those in a relationship has always been the subject of unimproved love, in a relationships because of one trying their best to show the other that they are better, hold on, Love is patient, kind, caring, giving and forgiving. May i say in conclusion that improved love can only be if you just understand that we are all working progress and we all deserve to be loved and love, be blessed and be a blessing


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