Unseen Love


There are a lot of us who have a lot of problems in relationships and these problems are just simple, i am so amazed as to how some people have a problem of being loved. I have heard this said a lot of times he/she loves me too much, has love got a gauge? i am so surprised that in most cases love may end the relationship, i thought love brought people together. May i just say most of us loose our good relationships because we are in relationships that we say things and do not do, when we receive what we prescribe ourselves to, we are so shocked that we do not think through what we say about what we receive in our relationships. The power of love is about loving and loving and being loved back, however most of us get in relationships so excited and when the reality of what we asked for kicks in, we can not handle. Most of us envy rough relationships when they are in good relationships, we do not see love right in front of us, this is just unseen love and it needs your discovery, be blessed and be a blessing.


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