The Patience of Love


There are times in our lives when we want the best quickly, we want our lives to be there at the top as quick as we can, we count the years to which we have had nothing and when we have little we are wishing for more. May i just say that patience in life is the best ever weapon to overcome anxiety, a lot of us have relationships that we want to have cars and houses in months, oh let me say because she/he has made it by himself/herself means that you are part of the equation of those that have made it. Simply to say that most of us today make a mistake of trying so hard to be tolerated by the ones we aim to love than working to hard in improving love itself. Love is patient and it does not choose who it falls to, love is kind and i do not see why one person will enter in a relationship to get instead of giving, well this is just the patience of love, be blessed and be a blessing


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