The Mentor of Success


Most of us in life are still looking for that famous person to give us a breakthrough in life, we crave so hard to meet that one person to which we have hang our hopes and dreams on. May i say that it is not a bad thing for you to admire one person and their success, as i believe in everyone that has made it there is a story behind their success. The desire of success is greater when one finds him/herself as the mentor of what they possess, you can not wish for an opportunity when what you want an opportunity for is not evident. Let what you want an opportunity for be evident and let it be striving for growth, there is no description of a fruit in a seed, until the seed goes on the ground and it begins to germinate that is when we know it is a mango/apple tree, that is when we have to find the right nutrients for the fruit. Most of us are still dreaming big and they have not written their dream down, they have not yet structured the way their dream need to be, you are the only mentor to your success, if you think that there is any other guru in life to mentor you to your destiny, i am sorry to say they will mentor what you have brought forward, without evidence they will mentor everyone else who has tangible staff to mentor. So this is just the mentor of success remember you are the only one that can mentor yourself to a successful place, the rest of those that come, come because you are half way through


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