Stability of Love


At most times i am more puzzled by how our relationships in humanity end up as, most of our relationships begin in what we call love and end up as war. Humanity have never learnt the practice of love, they get in relationships with an agenda of revenge. Most of us have lost in relationships because we are not stable in our thinking, we enter relationships expecting to change someone for the better of what we have been through. May i just point out the stability of love is based on not changing someone for the better whom you think is modeled to your previous relationship. Most of us today are where we are in troubled relationships because we are trying to fix problems of an old relationship in a new one, the phrase that i have known for years is this familiar one, I’ve got to be careful with this one, and may i say that, maybe that one that you careful with may not be harmful at all, but you may be harmful to it. So stop fighting the problems of your old relationship in your new one. This is just the stable way of playing its a level ground so relax is just stable love, be blessed and be a blessing


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