Treasure of Love


There are things in life that we may think are normal yet they harm our way we live, most of us in relationships have a bigger problem, than what they think may be a smaller one. We tend to forget what to prioritize in our relationships, we tend to act on our feelings than trust what we can give in love. Someone says that love is a feeling and that feeling is their desire, let me just say that no matter what one desires, love is not just desiring, it is also giving. The treasure of love lies in the way you handle loneliness in the event a relationship hits its low, there are times when you feel like the one you love is just absent, that is the time when you have to give more, love more, love like you have never loved before, trust like you have never trusted before. The bigger problem that humanity has in our days in relationships,is pride that let us not even treasure what we have right in our eyes. We tend to love and treasure 10% of what we do not need in other people and leave 90% of what we actually need in the people we are with, that is just the treasure of love, do you really treasure where you are in love? be blessed and be a blessing


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