Lonley Love


There are some times we wish that what we have can just blossom and develop into the best ever thing that we as humanity has ever imagined. In most of our relationships when we first fall in love we make promises, some that we can keep and some that are so unpredictably hard to keep. It is such a beautiful thing to fall in love and a lot of times people often say when they are hurt, love is not for me, may i say love is for everyone but it is how you paint yours in your relationship. There are times when things develop in relationships and you may find out that there is imbalance of trust, love, and most probably the effort that is put in a relationship, this does not mean that a relationship is dead nor one is not interested in another. In most cases when the lonely road in love comes it tastes your patience and above all trust, may i just say that love sometimes is lonely especially when a relationship is faced with career developments, it takes time to adjust to developments that come with new careers. Just to say when love becomes lonely, it is a normal occurrence, do not give up give more of your best in your relationship, the lonely walk of love is just a good phase of reflection, be blessed and be a blessing


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