Unstopable Love


There is a greater force in life, a force that exceeds most forces, most people have no understanding of how much love becomes a greater force in life, it overcomes fear. We as humanity can not control our feelings, we can not control our reactions, may i say that if there was to be a thief/murderer in a place where you are and he/she is told that he/she is loved, their reaction changes and their way of thinking change. This is what i am trying to come to, most of us today are in relationships and we often try harder to be tougher lest we will be labelled desperate, stupid, loving too much/just too nice. May i just say to someone today if you thought your spouse, fiancee, boyfriend/girlfriend are too loving and too soft, well honey they are meant to love you and love is kind, i mean too kind, love is nice i mean too nice, love is gentle i mean too gentle, if a murderer becomes softer when he/she is just told he/she is loved why are you being unfair in your own relationship. Let love reign in your life and in your relationship, i am free and express myself more because i have found out the power of unstoppable love, be blessed and be a blessing.


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