Freedom of Love


Our lives are a reflection of our choices, what we go through in our lives reflects what we are as humanity, it is either we make the better of it or we make it worse. Most of us are in relationships that we choose yet we are the most that complain about what goes wrong in our relationships, may i just say that love is the best form of complaint in every relationship. The reason most of us are in trouble or find it very difficult to have what we want in our relationships, is that we tend to get in relationships with an agenda, we fight battles that have nothing to do with our relationships. Mostly men/women raised in brutal or relationships that do not favor either one of their parents, get in a fight of revenge in their own relationships. May i say that please stop fighting your mother/father’s battles in your own relationship, let the freedom of love free you from all the battles that you have experienced, you can not continue fighting your own relationship with what your mother/father are going through, you are fighting the wrong person, just forget your parents wars and enjoy your own freedom of love. Be blessed and be a blessing


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