Uristricted Love


There is something that really makes me wonder in life, a lot of us today want to be pampered and cherished as well as being loved. It is such that i wonder that when your dream becomes a reality then complaint kicks in, i have heard things like he is just too soft, he is loving me more than i expected, he is just all over me gees i need space. Let me be blunt and honest with someone today, if you want to be in love, be in love there are no two ways about it and there are no half measures either. If you want to be loved then do the same, most of us today who are full of complaints that he/she is all over you, are just cowards of love/should i just make it more polite, you are spectating instead of participating. Most of us initiate relationships and when we are loved we tend to watch how we are loved and start judging the person that loves us, just stop watching start participating, this is just unrestricted love i know you want it and i know you like it, so give some love too instead of complaining. Be blessed and be a blessing


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