Propelling Success


There are a lot of us today that have this notion about success, they think that where they are is the worst place they could ever be. I was raised up by a Railway man and all that i aspired to do was to be like my father/better, it is however that most people may have grown up by themselves and fending for themselves may have aspired nothing more to be. May i just say to someone, if you grew up picking up bottles for a living, do not hate that profession, start developing from picking them up to wanting to fill them up with content. You see most of us think that, what we are doing now is just a passage to something more bigger, may i disappoint you and say, if you can not make what you know of and its development, there is nothing bigger you can do even if there was to be a bigger opportunity in life. Propelling success is about appreciating what you do now and dream bigger for it, make ideas around what limits you, you can only succeed when you know your way around bottles that you grew up picking, start thinking of content inside the bottles that you are picking, then if you have the content idea you will know why you are picking the bottles. This is just propelling success do not hate where you are develop where you are for the better there is no greater success than this.


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