The better Flow of Love


I am so much in question with what is the world that we live in turned to be? a better place for bad guys to keep doing evil? or a better place for those that are dedicated in making a difference and love each other as a people. Not that I am planning to be a Politician in the near future but I am just as surprised as to why humanity does not match? this I mean why are good guys not meeting good women/good women meeting good guys? maybe I have an answer maybe I don’t, well this is my thought, most of us today in one way or the other have something they do not like about their relationship. This maybe caused by simply that we get excited when we get into relationships we want to let the world be our own and the flow of love is flowing, there is a rhythm to everything we do, all of a sudden we change and want to blame each other for mistakes that happen in the cause of our relationship. May I just say let us not chock love/suffocate love in our relationships, let it flow and let yourself flow with it, I believe this is just a simple step to take, love is the most powerful tool if you just let it flow. Be blessed and be a blessing


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