The laugh aloud of peace


There are times when peace seems to be a distant far away and there are things that we as humanity have to give in order for peace to reign. Laughter seems to be one of the best things that may make negotiators of peace make up and be drawn closer to peace, may I say that peace is more of laughter joy and understanding the ways of the masses. Despite what the world thinks there is a fact and that fact is that peace is within the reach of people not politicians, as politicians try to find the solutions that are with the people in parliament, may I say a parliament is for the people not politicians. Let this be the laugh out loud of peace as we gather and remember the masses today that are protesting for their self rule in Hong Kong, indeed peace will laugh and when it does, it will laugh out loud.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on defiant HK  protest on National day 01.10.14 


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