Adaptable Peace


The world today has become an un-bearable place to live in and man have caused so much hate on man to man, we have religion being used as part of this inhumanity. Today the United Nations, the EU and world leaders have failed to address a simple thing that may have helped religious leaders and politicians come to a drawing board to keep peace as a substance than a topic. We can adapt to peace now without more of those missiles being dropped, we can adapt to simple ways of bringing IS to its knees without the use of war. Today our peace has to be our forefront fight and we be a people that learn to talk than fight, we are a people that can adapt to all those simple ways of peace, UN, EU and world leaders peace can only be when we start taking religious leaders to our political tables of negotiations and this is only adaptable peace, just a simple way forward.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the first missiles dropped by the RAF in Iraq 30.09.14 


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