A song Of Peace


Standing here there is a cry of a child i can hear from unknown lands, a child crying and saying words like why is the world this cruel, i sit and ask myself if this child is crying this loud, what about their parent? how loud are they crying? Today peace is no longer a matter of priority but a matter of eradicating what we call one section of a particular people. These are people we call extremists, yes they are a danger to our society we are told, the emergence of a group called Isis, what on earth is this world turned into? Today the US and the UK are on air strikes on Syria and Iraq, United Nations and the world is there no other way of negotiating for peace than war? my song is a painful song and yet require many answers i sing a song as a crying child in need of freedom and in need for peace. Is there anyone out there yielding and hearing this song may this be a touching song as i will be silent if i may be wiped out of this land, due to this tragic act of uncertainty in peace. Peace now or forever our children will be heard crying in distant lands, that i and you can not even think of getting to.

Edwin Mathe in his own words and in relations to a BBC article on Iraq air strikes 27.09.2014


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