Unseen Peace


A lot of times there is the best that we as humanity can offer to see what is best for us and the generations to come. Humanity has seen enough of tough times in the past few years, there has been the outbreak of diseases not seen before, terror has become the challenge for humanity worldwide. There is a thing that is not been seen before but it is well talked about, peace becomes a challenge to global leaders, it is a resolution that is not been heard of, no one has come up with peaceful resolutions that are evident, the more we try the more it gets worse. World over and world leaders, it is now time that in our life time we see the unseen, it is now in our lifetime that peace be the groom that we all wait to see, let this be done before dawn, this is a cry for the unseen peace and the peace we hear about.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the CIA tripling the estimates of IS numbers 12.09.14 


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