Mandate for Peace


The world gets more and more silent on matters that really matter, in all i have lived a life that makes silence the better mode of making others wonder what i am thinking all about, this is what the world today is wondering, what is next on the agenda for peace. World leaders and the UN have in years been trying not to be silent, but be vocal about issues that matter, issues of peace, today the mandate for peace lies with us the people, the little part each and everyone of us plays as to not encourage violence and pain, but seek just ways that evolve around peace makes the world seemingly great. Let us all thrive for the best of the world, for this is our mandate as humanity, it is our mandate as people the mandate for peace, it is our ideal that we have to live for

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on President Obama declaring that the US will pursue IS in Syria and Iraq 11.09.14 


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