Persevering Love


There are a lot of things in our relationships that may not be working right, that does not mean that our relationships are not right. There are a lot of us today who are in relationships that we feel are not right, one thing that i have discovered in months, is that instead of giving up and acting like one is a saint, most of us have face reality and persevere in our relationships. Most of our relationships lake perseverance that is where most of us both men and woman we fall, in most cases we have made choices that we think may only work for us, it is however that those choices become burdens to us as we continue in loneliness. Love is patient and kind and i believe that most of us will have the thought of finding out what may be going wrong in our relationships, before quitting, as well as being patient with one another’s behaviors, this is just persevering love and i believe you and i can learn more in it, be blessed and be a blessing


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