Besieged Peace


There is a need this world keeps avoiding, this is a need of peace, we have sat around far too long to address the need for peace, United Nations have held the world at ransom when it comes to peace, if they where really taking peace seriously there would have been no invasion of Iraq that is giving us problems today, they would be no Syrian crisis toady, if the UN had peace on their agenda Egypt would not be at a state that it is today, if the UN had in its mission peace as its agenda the Violence in Ukraine would not have escalated this far. Today we read of efforts put by the Ukrainians in order to make peace a reality and what has the UN done nothing but have the US, UK and the Eu come up with suctions for Vladamir Putin and his thugs, tell me what has that helped the people of Ukraine as their cities are being seized right left and center? World over if peace be, let the UN re-evaluate their mission on peace and make this world a better world for today and a better world for tomorrow.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine to besiege regional centers 07.07.14


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