Motive of Success


There is a tool that one does not have to look for to get the best out of themselves, this is just motivation, yes there may be things that can put people off in what they plan to do/what they do. May i just be a small voice for that idea, that business, that dream, that entrepreneur, there is nothing that you can do better than motivating yourself and your idea to greater places of success. Success is not just a bunch of roses delivered to your doorstep, success is motivation, be motivated to get, be motivated to do, be motivated to dream, be motivated above all to achieve. This is just the motive of success its reason for you and your business is your motivation towards it, that is what i call the motive of success, i am glued to this motive and it motivates me, are motivated for greatness?

The Role of Love


In most relationships that we have, we are educed to a lot of things that we are not ever ready for, there are things that shock us as human beings, at the point of our shock there are a lot of things that we say at the point of shock. These can shock more people that we are involved with in relationships. There is the best in love at a time when one receiving shocking things from the shocked, at times when we loose the best that we think is the best, we end up saying what we do not mean and in most cases that is where most of our relationships suffer. I just want to tell someone today, either you are at the verge of loosing/have lost whats more valuable to you the role of love is to stand no matter what is said in the middle of shock, love is unshakable and it is not shock able, this is just the role of love, let it abide in us and let our days be lived in a brighter and better way in love, be blessed and be a blessing

The swap of Peace


We are at all cost determined as a people to keep the tabs of peace open, we have an open idea of what we want peace to look like in our nations. There is no easier road to freedom, as most say freedom comes at a price, peace is far more than freedom, freedom is the right to do and act not oppressed, peace is obtaining both the right to live not oppressed and having the right to govern in the right and great direction of the majority, respecting and caring for others ideas as well as accommodating what may look impossible to accommodate. There has been a debate as to why there was a swap of peace in the American parliament, as  the US government swapped 5 Guantanamo bay prisoners for one US soldier that was held captive by the Taliban, the question remains what is more important freedom or peace?, i believe we all know that both is more attainable and we are patriots to peace at all cost.

Edwin Mathe in Relations to a BBC article on US parties clash over prisoner deal 02/06/14