Dedicated Success


It is just the potion that one does not want to take, a lot of us today have ideas that are full of rust and we are blaming everyone for our misfortunes. I have fallen so many times in my life, i do not blame it on anyone, i blame it on myself, this is because I lost my focus and I fell, most of us today have business ideas, they have dreams that are full of life, but we have a problem and that problem is not being dedicated, being dedicated to finish what you start, most of our ideas can push us to the top but we are not that much bothered to be pushed and push ourselves to the level that fit our ideas, Let me push you today and i believe your success is just around the corner just keep up the zeal, baby push towards your goal, make it work and have the final outcome in your mind, see what you started already finished come on this is dedicated success it needs your effort just do it, i am going for my last lap on this race and i am seeing the finish line, do you?


Secured Love


I am standing on here thinking of what i may have done wrong, i am just standing here thinking of where i lost it, it is hard to believe that after loosing it all I gain the best and I am about to loose it again. This is a song that most of us sing today and they have made it a life long theory that they have some sort of bad luck in their lives, here is my solution for you, I personally do not believe in any bad luck/omen if you may put it that way, however i do believe that there are people that may want to make your life a living hell. Now when it comes to relationships bad luck do not apply no matter how many misfortunes you have had love is the key problem in most relationships, most of us get involved and when your love game begins you do not show up, so whose problem is that, most of us get involved and do not participate in their relationships, this is what I am trying to say. So Secured love is about you being active in every area of your relationship, work harder to make it work, give more love than criticism yes i said that, if you want it to work try this and see whether you still have bad luck/not, be blessed and be a blessing

Peace on the Run


There is a lot that we teach the world today, it is however that our governments get it wrong most of the times, the fact that we are mother powers does not make us the best at solving every problem. When Tony Blair and George Bush seized Iraq it was all about war on terror and they took down Saddam Hussein, the problem with that is years on after their seizure that war on terror seem to be costing the world peace than maintaining peace. Today there are 500,000 Iraq people fleeing their homes because of a problem that we as mother powers created, where is the war on terror now, where are weapons of mass destruction? why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq? President Obama said it himself that as the US is the most powerful nation on this planet every problem does not need to be solved by war, his exact words being “Being a hammer, does not mean that every problem in the world is a nail” well said sir but what about more of the problems we are creating with our hammer? World over our crisis on peace needs our human race, let us not extinct human race to try and solve the crisis of peace, let our human race be part of the solution, Iraq needs peace and they need it now

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Half a million flee Iraq’s Mosul 11/06/14

Enduring Success


Success is a passion, success is determination, success is about giving your best as an individual, may i just ask this question today how much of each do you have as a person. Most of our ideas, dreams and businesses suffer because our passion for moving them forward is gone, we have lost the zeal of dreaming, we have lost the zeal of moving on. Enduring success is just about determination of seeing what you start till the end, how many things have you started and not finished? how much of success do you want? where do you see your success taking you? what are you good at? and what are you best at doing? then enduring success is about you doing just that, i am ready are you?

Everlasting Love


There are times when one goes through shock, and when they are just shocked they act like they are chocking, actions of those that are shocked often make everyone around them so paranoid. Most of us today have relationships that suffer all in the name of shock, there is a lot of thirst in relationships, most of us are so thirsty for that once a beautiful relationship that we once had. May i just help someone that is nearly giving up on a beautiful relationship that has always been beautiful, what do you do when you are in a relationship, do you maintain the great standard of life you start with/you lower the standard as you go along? this is the reason why most of us today do not have such a beautiful relationship that we once had, this is because we wait for others to raise our standards for us, and we are just doing nothing. Everlasting love is available to you as an individual because no matter what you receive give love, just that then the tide will change some day/today, be blessed and be a blessing

The seizure of Peace


So much that we have said, and so much we have desired to do, it is however that with the desire for peace, we happen to teach other nations that you have to seize before you talk about peace. The US and the UK first taught the world that seizure is the best way of making peace the greatest commodity for everyone else, I become more bothered when it comes to other nations doing what we did to Iraq and Afghanistan, Our US and UK troops took in by storm the capitals of these cities and any other in a bid to bring down what we call terror, my question today remains couldn’t we have at least negotiated for such peace to be in the world. Today the Iraq people have learnt from the masters of seizing countries only that they do it in their own country, yes they want control like Mother US and UK, we cry foul when an Iraq militant takes over a city like Mosul, what about our troops that took control of the other cities, what do we call that? guess a fight against terror, world over if terror was in our backyard would we travel all that far to fight it, the seizure of peace will not stop until all mother powers of the world stop this seizure first, all in the name of a fight against terror, peace be now in the world or else our generations to come will read stories of what we tried to do for peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Militants seize Iraq Second city 10/06/14 

The reason for Peace


There are a lot in the world that dream of a great nation, a great global nation, will this dream be a possibility with mother Russia still going on her business of annexing other nations, when integrity of others become questionable. Is this dream ever going to be a reality as the UN becomes a too that fuels fire on the burning fire in the Syrian crisis, Peace needs not be a fraction but the whole deal.

Edwin Mathe in his own words 04/06/14

Attitude of success


There are times when you need a solution as in right now, there seem to be no way you can get out of this, there seem like no idea/dream can give you the result that you need right now and i mean now. Sometimes we reach such places in real life and we believe that it is just going to be ok, there is one thing that i would love to help someone with, you may be needing the result instantly, but how much investment have you made in the past to get an instant result, remember there are ideas that you think that have an instant result, and those ideas are not thought instantly you thought them before, it is however that you did not have the right storage for such. As a result you had to ditch that idea/dream but now that you need instant results, there it is, that idea shows up and it gives instant results, the attitude of success is believing in those ideas that you did not think may work and having to put them on hold. May i say that what attitude do you have on long lost ideas? may i suggest that you go back to them and get them to work for your instant result, this is just a simple approach to the attitude of success, i have it, and i believe you can have it too

The Apple of Love


Sometimes i feel like i am loosing what i deservedly fought for, i feel like the world around me is loosing its direction, i just feel like this day is tasteless. There are a lot of us who are going through emotions in our relationships, some genuine emotions some fake ones as well, emotion is the most dangerous thing that most of us base our relationships on. If one looks at an apple they may feel so tempted to have a bite that is how your relationship has to look like, it has to be filled with love that attracts even those that think love is gone. The apple of love is edifying your man/woman even though they may be problems between you, buy them flowers, buy them a gift, on their joy talk to them softly and beautifully about what you do not approve of, this is just my idea of the apple of Love and i believe it is more appetizing, be blessed and be a blessing

Raw Peace


There are times when we as a people wish that things may turn back to where they used to be, if we all remember how great and peaceful our nations were, if we all remember how great and peaceful we were as a people. It makes me wonder what on earth went wrong, where is that joy that we used to share, having the joy of watching the news to hear the good news of what happens in the world, not bad but productive things, what happened to those old good days where people in Syria would walk around not fearing that someone may fire a bullet at another, Yest the value of Raw peace. Finally the nail on the coffin of the Assad regime has been finally hit and the people of Syria are to Vote and give Syria fresh hope and a fresh future. Let us be strong behind the people of Syria as they decide their future in their elections, world over and fellow peace loving citizens let us all cherish this jewel so raw as peace start all over.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Syria Votes in contentious election 03/06/14