Peace of no bounderies


We are all in crisis, whether black, white, Indian, whatever color you are, the crisis that we all face is the devastating state that we are heading towards in peace, Iraq has become a place that war seems to be the great aspect of life than peace being dominant. My cry is with the armies that we as Mother powers meaning the US and the UK have sent in Iraq, we have first taught the people of Iraq how to take things by force, because we were the first to invade their nation. What has come on us as humanity? what is our commitment to issues that are in regards to peace? I am deeply saddened by what boundaries we have set ourselves in regards to peace, peace has now become affordable for those that can afford it and those that can not have to beg those that can afford it to try and help them. Today the US and UK their problem has become the problem of Iraq people, there is no terrorist that we found but we created some, the ones that we created are now bothering the people of Iraq and the US and the UK can only look on, World over it is time or never that peace be of no boundaries for the people of Iraq.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iraq cleric issues Shia call to arms 13/06/14

Simple Love


It is so amazing how many of us are in relationships and they just concentrate on serious things about relationships, they forget the simple things in a relationship make a relationship work better. Most of us today can not get the best out of our relationships because we have our own ways of trying to make relationships work, may i try and be of help to someone today, Love is so much simple it is not complicated if we all get in love and give love, most problems in our relationships will be history, if there is negativity in your relationship, either you as a woman/man have to inject positivism in love in your relationship. This is just a simple way of love so why do we make it complicated, be blessed and be a blessing

Emergency Peace


Peace is the art most commodity and this commodity is wanted as now, our nations today are just heels over heads over the prospect of peace. The US and the UK have messed up things for other countries where there is no more coming back to reality, Iraq and Afghanistan are now ravaged and needing help day after day because of what we as the mother powers put them through. Tony Blair with his ally George Bush invaded Iraq, we all were told that it was a fight against terror, lives of soldiers lost and there is no way of explaining what is going on and why are our soldiers loosing their lives. Today Iraq is more worse than the days of Saddam Hussein, at least during his days no taking over of other cities by militants/terrorist as they are called, was it not the same terrorist our soldiers went to Iraq to remove? why are they still there and our soldiers are said to have finished their mission in Iraq? World over there is an emergency need for peace and the world can not suffer any more as a result of our mother power mistakes and miss calculations, Iraq needs peace and her peace has been long overdue, let us help her get back to her peaceful days.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iraq delays vote on emergency powers 12/06/14 

Dedicated Success


It is just the potion that one does not want to take, a lot of us today have ideas that are full of rust and we are blaming everyone for our misfortunes. I have fallen so many times in my life, i do not blame it on anyone, i blame it on myself, this is because I lost my focus and I fell, most of us today have business ideas, they have dreams that are full of life, but we have a problem and that problem is not being dedicated, being dedicated to finish what you start, most of our ideas can push us to the top but we are not that much bothered to be pushed and push ourselves to the level that fit our ideas, Let me push you today and i believe your success is just around the corner just keep up the zeal, baby push towards your goal, make it work and have the final outcome in your mind, see what you started already finished come on this is dedicated success it needs your effort just do it, i am going for my last lap on this race and i am seeing the finish line, do you?

Secured Love


I am standing on here thinking of what i may have done wrong, i am just standing here thinking of where i lost it, it is hard to believe that after loosing it all I gain the best and I am about to loose it again. This is a song that most of us sing today and they have made it a life long theory that they have some sort of bad luck in their lives, here is my solution for you, I personally do not believe in any bad luck/omen if you may put it that way, however i do believe that there are people that may want to make your life a living hell. Now when it comes to relationships bad luck do not apply no matter how many misfortunes you have had love is the key problem in most relationships, most of us get involved and when your love game begins you do not show up, so whose problem is that, most of us get involved and do not participate in their relationships, this is what I am trying to say. So Secured love is about you being active in every area of your relationship, work harder to make it work, give more love than criticism yes i said that, if you want it to work try this and see whether you still have bad luck/not, be blessed and be a blessing

Peace on the Run


There is a lot that we teach the world today, it is however that our governments get it wrong most of the times, the fact that we are mother powers does not make us the best at solving every problem. When Tony Blair and George Bush seized Iraq it was all about war on terror and they took down Saddam Hussein, the problem with that is years on after their seizure that war on terror seem to be costing the world peace than maintaining peace. Today there are 500,000 Iraq people fleeing their homes because of a problem that we as mother powers created, where is the war on terror now, where are weapons of mass destruction? why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq? President Obama said it himself that as the US is the most powerful nation on this planet every problem does not need to be solved by war, his exact words being “Being a hammer, does not mean that every problem in the world is a nail” well said sir but what about more of the problems we are creating with our hammer? World over our crisis on peace needs our human race, let us not extinct human race to try and solve the crisis of peace, let our human race be part of the solution, Iraq needs peace and they need it now

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Half a million flee Iraq’s Mosul 11/06/14

Enduring Success


Success is a passion, success is determination, success is about giving your best as an individual, may i just ask this question today how much of each do you have as a person. Most of our ideas, dreams and businesses suffer because our passion for moving them forward is gone, we have lost the zeal of dreaming, we have lost the zeal of moving on. Enduring success is just about determination of seeing what you start till the end, how many things have you started and not finished? how much of success do you want? where do you see your success taking you? what are you good at? and what are you best at doing? then enduring success is about you doing just that, i am ready are you?