Success in motion


I have nothing to work with to make me what i want to be, i feel the whole world is crushing, i have no strength, i can not go on, there is nothing that i seem to do that works. Hold on business man/woman there is success in motion when the worst goes to the worst, can you just breath in and out, think of that hardest decision that you have ever made to be where you are. At times when you are seeing things not working go back to the drawing board, look at the most critical decisions that you may have ever made to be at the point you are at, the most successful people in the world believe when their backs are against the wall, that is called success in motion make the critical decision when it matters, never give up when you reach the dead end, you should end the dead end do not reach for it, this is just simple success in motion i feel it in my bones and i believe someone is too


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