Love Patience


There is a world that i feel i deserve to have, a world on my shoulders, i am all alone, i am in a place i have traveled with someone, yet at this time i get to this place all alone, where is my friend? A lot of us are in relationships and are in the verge of giving up, we are not sure what we have done wrong, we are so afraid that even those that we are in a relationship with do not even look at us the way they used to. May i just help someone today, i believe in most relationships most of us get through trying times and when you are going through this the best way of getting the best out of your relationship is to exercise patience, love your partner/spouse more and love like you have never loved before, this i call the patience of love, try this and see what happens, let us all enjoy our relationships in all times, either trying times/good sweet times, be blessed and be a blessing


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