Estimated Peace


There has been a long wait for the aspect of peace throughout the world, it is such a surprising thing that, the more we talk about peace the more we mess up the prospect of its reality. There are a lot of us that are so desperate to make peace a reality however there are a few that fight so hard to make peace not a reality, America and the UK got the world to believe that the war in Iraq was a justified war and people are still fighting to make peace a reality in Iraq, after this mess America and Britain are at it again as Iraq people are fighting among themselves. The name that comes out of the mouths of selfish politicians that intimidates the people of Iraq is called ISIS who the hell is this group and we are told that they have a fortune worth 1.2 billion in cash and in asserts. US and the UK as well as the UN tell us the truth as in what you are doing in Iraq, we set the estimated time to peace, and peace can not be until the mystery of your invasion is solved, Iraq needs peace and only the UK, US and the UN has the answer to this mystery.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Kerry in Iraq amid Sunni rebel gains 23/06/14


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