Peace of no bounderies


We are all in crisis, whether black, white, Indian, whatever color you are, the crisis that we all face is the devastating state that we are heading towards in peace, Iraq has become a place that war seems to be the great aspect of life than peace being dominant. My cry is with the armies that we as Mother powers meaning the US and the UK have sent in Iraq, we have first taught the people of Iraq how to take things by force, because we were the first to invade their nation. What has come on us as humanity? what is our commitment to issues that are in regards to peace? I am deeply saddened by what boundaries we have set ourselves in regards to peace, peace has now become affordable for those that can afford it and those that can not have to beg those that can afford it to try and help them. Today the US and UK their problem has become the problem of Iraq people, there is no terrorist that we found but we created some, the ones that we created are now bothering the people of Iraq and the US and the UK can only look on, World over it is time or never that peace be of no boundaries for the people of Iraq.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iraq cleric issues Shia call to arms 13/06/14


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